Don’t Worry You Can Check Your Instagram At The Top Of Mount Everest

Thanks to the capable 4G network that China Mobile provides it is possible to stream via their service in full HD video even when you were 5,200 meters high at the top of Mount Everest. Climbers from all over the world can now share their accomplishment with the whole world live. Or even check their latest Facebook update, because why not?

China Mobile a technology company deployed the first LTE TDD network at a base station in 2013, which means their 4G network is accessible when mountaineers are climbing. China Mobile is part of the Huawei Wireless Network group and this is one of their main goals for their 4G service. They want it to be accessible by any operator worldwide at any location. A vision they have to provide high-speed mobile broadband to every area of the world.

And though we may laugh at someone needing to check their social media presence when in such a dangerous location, the real beauty of this service is that it helps improve mountain climber safety. With a 4G network in place, it is much easier to have real-time communications and even location updates. Also, climbers can have updated weather notifications pushed immediately to their devices, meaning they can be more prepared for any sudden bad weather.

Just imagine an easier way to locate a lost climber and how many lives this can potentially save. It is definitely a big jump in the right direction for the extreme and high-risk area of Mount Everest. Remember this is a mountain that over 290 people have died trying to reach its summit.

Back in 2010, a telecoms company called Ncell was able to successfully make phone calls from 5,200 meters with a 3G service that they installed in the base camp. However, Huawei was part of the team that was able to broadcast the 2008 Olympic Games torch relay from the mountain, so it was no surprise when they wanted to set up a permanent 4G network. And with their experience in the area, they knew that HD video streaming was possible & they were easily able to get the job done.

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