The Crazy Floating Fried Eggs

Samuel Reason | February 6th, 2018

Imagine you are swimming in the ocean, just enjoying your vacation and time with your family. Suddenly a crazy floating fried egg swims passed! What? Don’t believe me? Well then take a quick look at this strange looking jellyfish: Fried Egg Jellyfish.

Scientifically known as the Cotylorhiza Tuberculata it is a species of jellyfish that really looks like a fried egg. So if you ever miss breakfast on your scuba diving holiday, well you know where you can find your eggs! You may, however, want to avoid giving them a bite, because they are mildly venomous to humans. If you were to touch one then you would feel a very small sting, some people do not feel it at all though!

They are actually huge jellyfish growing up to 23 inches in diameter and normally have around sixteen clusters of tentacles. Where each cluster consists of a couple dozen tentacles. They are found in all major oceans so there is no escaping this funny looking egg. They prefer cooler waters and can be found at various depths ranging from 10 meters to 168 meters. Many creatures like to take advantage of the fact that this poor little egg jellyfish has a weak sting.

Some crabs, for example, will jump on for a ride on the jellyfish and will even steal food from its tentacles! And some very small fish just like to swim around their tentacles, probably hiding from bigger predators.

Primarily the fried egg jellyfish eat smaller jellyfish or some zooplankton. Its tentacles specialize in catching things that can’t move by themselves so are very sticky. And he doesn’t hop around like an egg in the pan, no most of the egg yolk jellyfish’s life is spent not moving. Just drifting around on the currents of the ocean, slowly pulsing his body with the currents.

The fried egg jellyfish is one of the favorite meals of sea turtles, who would have thought? But unfortunately, the sea turtles often mistake plastic bags for them!

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