Come Sleep In A Giant Potato In Idaho United States of America

Samuel Reason | May 5th, 2019

There is one Airbnb rental that is becoming strikingly internet famous, and that is a giant potato in Idaho, United States of America. This potato is so huge it could be turned into hundreds of french fries, though it appears the owner decided to turn it into a home.

Potatoes undoubtedly do make great comfort food, in fact, they probably are one of the world’s favorite: from french fries to country fries to tatter totters. But one Airbnb owner is turning that saying on its head by creating a comfortable home out of our favorite comfort food.

Potentially one of the strangest Airbnb listings in the world, the 6-ton spud has been turned into a tiny home that anyone can rent overnight. The 28 foot long and 12 foot wide, 11.5-foot tall potato structure is standing strong as a promotional tool build for Idaho Potato Commission. It is helping them promote their Big Idaho Potato Tour and has even been bolted to a trailer to travel across 48 states. Though now it rests in its birthplace of South Boise, Idaho – ready to host adventurers or simply carb lovers.

Though actually, it isn’t even a real potato! What a letdown. In fact, the structure has been built out of steel, plaster, and concrete – no real veggies in it at all. Kristie Wolf is the mastermind behind the potato theme tiny home. She is an experienced tiny home builder who created a little hobbit hole in Washington state, another quirky Airbnb listing. Wolf has been featured many times in tiny home magazines such as TODAY Home, though her potato tiny home is one of her favorites.

As World was part of the Big Idaho Potato Truck Tour and an official team member, she was traveling around the country with this giant potato on a truck to promote their business. Then it hit her to turn the potato into a tiny home.

Wolf being a native Idahoan has loved potatoes for generations, and wanted to do everything she could to promote the state’s number one agricultural commodity.

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