Former Child Stars That Kept It Together And Are Still Famous Today

Elijah Wood

Playing Frodo from the Lord of the Rings trilogy may have made Elijah Wood a household name, but the actor actually got his start in another famous film trilogy, the Back to the Future films. Wood had a bit role in the second of the Back to the Future movies in 1989. His work as a child actor, in such films Radio Flyer, Avalon, The Good Son, and Forever Young, earned him accolades and awards. His work caught the attention of Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Ring trilogy and Wood landed the lead role of Frodo Baggins.

He starred alongside Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in 2004 and played a serial killer in the 2005 Sin City. Most recently, he joined Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter in 2015, and Nicolas Cage in The Trust in 2016. He also starred in the BBC series Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.
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