Cheetahs Are Extremely Shy In Zoos They Need Support Dogs

Samuel Reason | June 29th, 2018

When you see a cheetah running across the plains of Africa, you would believe they are confident and fearless animals. Experienced hunters that chase down all their prey with no regrets.

The cheetah is actually the fastest land animal, characterized by its slender body, deep chest and spotted coat. They mainly stay active during the day and can reach speeds of 70 miles per hour when hunting. You can find them throughout Southern, North and East Africa and also in a couple of regions of Iran. Due to the animal’s hunting abilities, there have been some occurrences of cheetahs being tamed and used to kill game in the past for commercial hunts. So it may surprise you that cheetahs are some of the shyest and most anxious animals in the world.

In fact, when they are put in zoos they become so nervous that they forget how to socialize with one another, this can get so bad that they become even too stressed to have sex. This put the poor cheetahs in danger of becoming extinct, luckily the zoos found a solution and it came in a very strange form.

For years now zookeepers have been making sure each cheetah has their very own support dog, this way they receive all the assistance they need for socializing. It is a strange story of love between two different species that make sure cheetahs continue to survive. A dominant and friendly dog like a labrador is the perfect friend for a shy cheetah, this is because the shyness that cheetahs experience is instinctive and you can not breed that out of them. Cheetahs paired with dogs will look at the dog to learn how to behave, and this way they learn the calm and happy vibe that dogs embody so well.

The overall result means the cheetah is much more confident and knows how to interact with its own species also, making sure their ability to procreate is not forgotten!

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