Celebrities With The Most Bizarre Pets


Most celebrities spend a large amount of their careers striving to be unique. Why should their pets be any different?

Anybody can go to the nearest pet store to buy a ‘normal’ pet like a cat or a few goldfish, but buying an exotic animal seems to be the hottest trend for many celebrities.

This is a collection of some of the most bizarre exotic pets owned by celebrities.

1. Colin Kaepernick’s Tortoise

Colin Kaepernick has owned a pet tortoise, named Sammy, since he was around 10 years old. The family had already owned a cat and a dog, but Kaepernick knew he wanted something different after seeing someone with a pet tortoise on television. At the time the tortoise was able to fit in the palm of his hand, but it has since grown to a massive 115 pounds.

Colin Kaepernick Tortoise

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