Celebrity Jobs Before They Became Famous

4. Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg put makeup on dead people as a morgue beautician. Before she won her Oscar, Whoopi went to beauty school and received her beautician’s license. One day, while she was unemployed, she saw an ad in the newspaper that was asking for a morgue beautician, the person who does the hair and makeup for the dead.

She was hesitant to take the job, and on the first day, her boss decided to play a prank on her to ease her tensions. While she was working, Whoopi noticed a drawer opening by itself and then all of a sudden a body (secretly her boss) sat up and said “hello there”. Before Whoopi could see who it was, she started running away and actually knocked herself out on the door. When she finally came to, her boss apologized and told her that he wanted to show her what the worst thing that could happen on the job would be. After that, Whoopi was no longer afraid and actually accepted the job.

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