Celebrities With Famous Parents

1. Colin Hanks

Colin Hanks has made a name for himself in the acting world by slowly working his way up the Hollywood ladder. He first gained fame by being a part of a well-received TV series, Roswell, back in 1999. He was only 22 at the time. He then went on to star in his first movie in 2002, ‘Orange County’, alongside Jack Black. After playing some very memorable roles in the hit TV series ‘The Good Guys’ and ‘Dexter’, he now stars as Gus Grimly on the critically acclaimed show ‘Fargo’.

What isn’t well known about Colin though is that his father is actually Tom Hanks. Yes, THE Tom Hanks. Now that we mentioned it, don’t they look very similar? Colin is the oldest of 4 siblings, 3 of which are IMDb accredited actors. Tom even went as far as casting his son Colin and daughter, Elizabeth Ann, in one of his films, ‘That Thing You Do’ way back in 1996.

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