The Man Who Gave The World Clean Water

John Laing Leal was a doctor who lived from 1858 to 1914 and is largely responsible for having given the whole world an easy way to treat water. His technique to disinfect water using chlorine helped give the whole world an easy way to provide clean and drinkable water. This led to a much lower rate of disease and allowed populations to thrive.

In fact, Leal is credited with setting up the first disinfection center of a U.S water supply using chlorine and even did it secretly for a time. Before it was eventually approved by the courts and became common practice across the globe.

After obtaining a medical degree, Leal opened a medical practice in New Jersey before setting his sights on solving the world’s problem with access to clean drinkable water. This was also because he worked in the local government as a health inspector and saw first hand the problems that dirty water could cause. Leal located numerous diseases and epidemics that happened due to dirty water being drank in homes all across the U.S. which saw him become the city’s chief sanitary advisor for the East Jersey Water Company.

As a physician, Leal knew that chlorine killed bacteria which is why he decided it would be the perfect solution to treat water. He constructed a chlorination plant by hiring George W. Fuller who was a respected sanitary engineer at the time and started to use it to treat Jersey City’s water supplies.

This led to the device being put before the justice system in 1908, where Leal defended his actions and the trial confirmed that the chloride of lime system was indeed cleaning the water correctly & adequately. Leal’s application of this type of disinfection system and its defense in the court of law, made sure that chloride systems were set up all across America to disinfect cities’ water supplies.

The Glow In The Dark Jellyfish Ice Cream

Next time you are decided which scoop is best suited for you, arguing about if you prefer vanilla or strawberry – why not give glow in the dark jellyfish ice cream a go? This latest type of ice cream combines synthesized jellyfish proteins, that allow it to glow in the dark when licked.

The ice cream works by using the luminescence properties of jellyfish proteins so that it when your tongue touches it, the reaction occurs. The company behind the project is called Lick Me I’m Delicious, created by Charlie Harry Francis and states that the product came about largely due to a Chinese scientist who was able to figure out how to synthesize the protein that we find in jellyfish.

What happens is that the synthesized jellyfish proteins actually glow in the dark when coming into contact with calcium – so basically it activates when it is agitated. This means whenever you lick this jellyfish ice cream it starts to glow in the dark. The ice cream gives off a neon green glow when someone’s tongue licks it.

It will, of course, set you back a little bit though, coming in at over $225 per scoop! Apparently, it is entirely safe to eat, and the company is bringing a whole range of strange flavors to life such as Roast Beef ice cream or cheese flavor. They were even behind a horseradish flavor before, in fact, Lick Me I’m Delicious are no strangers to doing new things with ice cream.

In 2013, they also created ice cream by using a fire extinguisher and a gramophone machine. A video which has many millions of views on youtube. Often the company will create ice cream using a portable liquid nitrogen machine, this will instantly freeze ice cream due to its vaporizing at extremely low temperatures. And of course, people like the smoke effects that happen when using this type of machine.

So it seems that even an age-old and traditional product such as ice cream will always be in for innovations. No matter what happens though, we are sure to always find our traditional trusty vanilla flavor when needed.

A Dog’s Nose Print Is Unique Like A Human’s Fingerprint

Each dog’s nose print is different and unique, and of course, each dog’s nose has amazing sniffing capabilities which truly make dogs one of the world’s favorite pets. What may come as a surprise is that paw prints are not really unique at all, but dogs can be identified by their nose print.


Much like human fingerprints, each dog’s nose is completely original and unique to every puppy. In fact, you cannot find two dog noses that are the same. They all have their own way of forming bumps, dimples, and ridges – coming together to make a distinctive pattern unique to its owner.

Studies have shown that these patterns are able to be used to tell one dog from another. A dog’s nose can never change, so nose printing is often the most reliable way to track different dogs. Collars or tags can fall off or be removed, and there have even been cases where a dog’s microchip has been removed. But nose prints cannot be changed and best of yet they are a painless way for organizations to set up doggie identification.

This means that the world could potentially have a whole record system in place for dog nose prints and easily keep a history of every canine. But nose printing in the dog world is not really widespread at all. However, in Canada, it is practiced quite regularly with the Canadian Kennel Club using dog prints as an identity form since 1938 – though this is to date one of the only organizations on the planet that uses this type of identification regularly.

The mainstream method for identifying dogs is via microchips or collars, sometimes even a tattoo. Still, it is cool to know your dog’s nose print, which is easily taken. The usual method is to use some color food dye & dab it onto the dog’s nose. Then you simply push a piece of paper against the nose to see the print. And not only is a dog’s nose print unique, but they also have an incredible and powerful sense of smell.

The Myth Of Sharks Curing Cancer

One great myth that was making rounds across the scientific world and across all the internet was that sharks had suddenly become the cure for cancer. And they are indeed incredible animals, probably one of the world’s most famous creatures: everyone knows what a shark is. Some people are fascinated and some people shudder in fear, but everyone knows what a shark is. They have been around the Earth’s oceans for millions of years and survived, which simply makes them incredible.

But that does not mean sharks have suddenly become a cure for cancer.

Primarily because for starters there will never really be a cure for cancer, not tomorrow and not in fifty years. It is simply a conspiracy theory that a cure will exist or already exists, definitely, better treatments will evolve but a full blown out cure would not be possible. Cancer is a disease that also adapts and evolves, which means it will always be amongst us.

There is no universal trait for all cancers which means there will never be a miracle treatment that solves every problem it causes. Cancer is defined by a rogue cell growing at alarming rates that are generally out of control. Thus what could be seen as a universal cure for cancer growth would be preventing cell growth, and these sorts of drugs will never really be safe for human consumption. So why doesn’t everyone think sharks are the cure? The myth comes from the notion that sharks never get cancer, and therefore must be the key to a cure.

It started way back in the 1970s when Henry Brem and Judah Folkman from the John Hopkins Medical School of Medicine first saw that cartilage stopped the growth of new blood cells in the tissue. Generally, this is what causes tumors and other cancerous growth, new cells appearing in tissue. Whereas since sharks are entirely built out of cartilage they theorized that it was impossible for them to contract any form of cancer. In fact, scam pharmaceutical companies started to sell cartilage pills off the back of this research.

Yet it turned out to be untrue, yes sharks seemed to have a lower rate of cancer than other species but we don’t really know much about their immune system. What we do know is they do get cancer.

Surgery Saves Man’s Sight With Bionic Eyes

One blind man has felt the miracle that is medical breakthroughs and modern science. John Jameson from Texas had been blind for over 40 years due to a terrible infection that resulted in the loss of his vision. Jameson eventually gave up on trying to restore his vision, deciding to accept his fate of being blind and try to move on with his life. Though now he is a completely new man, replenished and revisioned after a revolutionary surgery which saw a bionic eye being inserted into his eye socket to restore his vision.

Such a rare procedure had to seek approval from the FDA and various medical boards before being allowed to happen in the United States. And in fact, worldwide, there is only a slim handful of doctors with the skill to complete such a dangerous and complex surgery. Jameson’s wife first learned about the surgery while researching and located a couple of surgeons who could make perform the needed operation in Louisiana.

Jameson was ecstatic when he found out that there was a team in the United States capable of saving his eyes and restoring his vision. After talking to Dr. Shelby a team of medical staff was put together to ensure this groundbreaking surgery happened successfully. And now after 40 years of darkness, Jameson’s vision has been restored with the help of a freshly implanted bionic eye.

Once it was implanted Jameson did experience some double vision and that his brain had difficulty with the understanding the vision provided by the implant. Thought with time his sight is restoring and his vision grows clearer every day. An amazing accomplishment for the medical world, to think soon we may be entering a time where blindness is no longer a disability.

Jameson advised his vision returning is like being a kid at Christmas again, you see the lights and the Christmas trees & immediately are filled with happiness and joy.

20 Timeless Ancient Beauty Secrets Still Used Today

Have you ever wondered where beauty regimes came from? Ancient beauty regimes have been happening for thousands of years. From the Aztecs to the Egyptians and from the Greeks to Romans, ancient beauty secrets are all around us. Highlighting hair and facial masks have been circulating through the ages.

These ancient beauty secrets have been uncovered and are waiting for you to explore. Here you will find why women highlight their hair and where it all started. You will also learn about the ancient use of pearl powder and green tea. The results are endless.

Pacific Islanders Carry The Genes Of An Unknown Human Species

When looking at the DNA found in modern Pacific Islanders of today, humans that live in the South Pacific and Northeast of Australia, scientist have discovered evidence of DNA that is from an extinct human species.

According to the gene models that researchers have been able to produce, the species are not thought to be Neanderthal or Denisovan. These are two very ancient species that do have fossil records and have been intensively studied, but the traces found in Pacific Islanders today appear to be from a third species. This third unknown human species has so far completely eluded archaeologists and has never been found or studied.

This means that when talking about evolution or trying to figure out how humans evolved, there is an entire part of the population that is missing from the equation. Ryan Bohlender a geneticist from the University of Texas has been looking into our ancestors DNA and trying to come to the bottom of the puzzle. His team of researchers is now suggesting that our mingling with extinct human species like the Neanderthals or the Denisovans is not the whole story.

The belief comes from the theory that between 100,000 and 60,000 years ago our first ancestors migrated out of Africa and first came into contact with our hominid species on the Eurasian landmass. And this contact left a mark in our DNA that can still be found today. Europeans and Asian can find a distinct trace of Neanderthal DNA in their own genetics.

The problem always comes down to fossils, for Neanderthals we have found many. But even for Denisovan, there has only ever been a couple of fossils found – with just a finger bone and some teeth found in a Siberian cave. And without fossils, studies are much more difficult. Scientists need something to analyze to check DNA and genetics. So we may never know what our third missing ancestral link was, though potentially on the Pacific Islands of old, archaeologists may one day find a clue?

Sea Organ In Croatia Plays Continuous Music

If you happen to live on the coast of Zadar in Croatia, then you will be familiar with the continuous sea organ that plays for you day & night. An instrument that plays continuous music without the touch of a single musician, unless of course, you believe Mother Nature to be a musician. Well, with thunder, wind, and rain this could be a valid argument.

The Sea Organ or the Morske Orgulje as it is known in Croatian is a marvel of modern architecture which plays music created by the wind & waves of the Adriatic Sea. Allowing people to simply sit on the marble steps and listen to the largest organ in the world.

The 230-foot long instrument looks like it is just hidden under a little staircase, but this is actually misleading. The 35 organ pipes are expertly constructed under the marble stairs and each staircase holds five of these pipes. Each group of five is tuned to create a different sound and ensure that music happens no matter where you walk along the Adriatic Ocean, essential nature is always playing a tune in Zadar.

Constructed and planned in 2005 by the architect Nikola Basic, as an art attraction for the port town of Zadar – it proved so successful that the local government had to build a bigger port for tourism the next year. Suddenly cruise ships were pulling into Zadar, proving that the Sea Organ was a crucial part of their tourism industry.

You may be surprised to know that several sea organs exist in the world, you can find the Water Organ in San Fransisco and a High Tide Organ in Blackpool. Each has its sound that is played depending on the tide and wind of the day. Every single one of them is definitely a music marvel that one should see and hear, walking along the beach or the promenade with music is always better.

Of course, for those of us that can’t travel, you could always try listening to some of the various clips and videos on Youtube.

In Peru There Is A Billboard That Creates Water Out Of Thin Air

When the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru teamed up with an ad agency called Mayo DraftFCB they knew they had the chance to make some magic happen. After all, if you want to inspire and attract the engineers of tomorrow then you really need to think outside the box and be as creative as possible.

So what would be the best ad for a university of technology? Certainly, one that actually solved a problem while remaining an ad.

And that is what they have done by creating the first billboard in the world that is able to make drinking water out of thin air, something that is helping numerous people in Peru. Providing the safety that they will always have access to water.

The school of engineering decided the best way to inspire young minds to enter the career of engineering was to show exactly what sort of problems they could solve. Showcasing how technology can alleviate Peruvians everyday life – as a major problem in Lima is the lack of running water. The climate is extremely dry and features annual precipitation of less than 1 inch, wells that people draw water from tend to be extremely polluted.

Yet on the flip side, we are in a country that has an atmospheric humidity of over 98%, so with some expert engineering, they were able to put together a billboard that draws off that humidity and produces clean drinking water.

This is done by capturing air humidity and filling up 20-liter tanks, whilst purifying it to ensure it is drinkable and safe, the billboard has been able to produce over 9000 liters in just 3 months. This is making hundreds of families eager to see the expansion of this project and bring it to other towns.

Undoubtedly this is one of the most ingenious uses of advertising ever seen! Hopefully, the work and planning will pay off & the University of Engineering will be flooded with new applications.

Waking Up During Brain Surgery

One unlucky teenager happened to wake up during her own brain surgery and ask the surgeon how it was going. Iga Jasica, a 19-year-old teenager from Poland, was halfway through an intensive brain surgery when she woke up & asked the surgeon how it was going.

While her skull was open on the table and half of her brain was exposed, Iga Jasica, calmly talked to the surgeons about cats and how her surgery was going. Of course, she was not able to feel or see anything but was able to still talk without any pain. This was a complicated brain surgery to remove a cancerous growth from the inside of her head that took place in the Central Clinical Hospital of Katowice, a city in Southwest Poland.

The top part of her skull had been removed by expert neurosurgeons and they were actually right in the middle of removing the cancerous growth when she suddenly woke up. Luckily Jasica did not panic at all, which could have severely damaged her chances of recovering.

The medical staff at Katowice are not really sure why she woke up so suddenly, but she could not actually feel anything that the surgeons were doing. Doctors have floated the idea that the surgery itself on the brain could have triggered some neurons that cause the body to wake up no matter what, however, the chances seem slim that this was the cause. Investigators are concentrating on the anesthetic which they believe could have been administered wrong.

This case is extremely unusual and would even be classed as rare, patients do not come round during surgery, especially not when their brain is exposed. Even though she was conscious, Miss Jasica has stated that she cannot really remember anything. In any case, the operation was a success and Miss Jasica has been feeling great ever since.

You Probably Use Most Of These Things Every Day, and They Wouldn’t Exist Without NASA

NASA is best known as the agency that explores all things that happen beyond our skies. In their 60 year history, they never fell short in fascinating us with what they’ve discovered.

But they are far more than just space experts. They have the technology that is responsible for so many modern inventions, including many inventions that we use on a daily basis. You might be using one of them right now while you’re reading this!

Rather than talk about space exploration (sorry, stargazers), we dug up some of the amazing everyday things that wouldn’t exist without NASA, and many will surprise you…