Cool Facts From Production of The Wizard of Oz

Few films are embedded deep in the American psyche as The Wizard of Oz, a Mervyn LeRoy and Victor Flemming adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s novel of the same name. As its 80th anniversary approaches (the film was released in 1939), it’s also continues to be an eternal spring of shocking, strange, and harrowing facts.

While many facts are well-known — such as The Wizard of Oz being one of the first major Technicolor achievements in popular film — there are many crazier facts most people haven’t heard.

Take a look behind the wizard’s curtain at these cool facts about The Wizard of Oz

U.S. State Laws That May Leave You Scratching Your Head

Laws are part of life. There is a balance that’s maintained and we are all expected to accept it for the good of society.

However, mixed in with all of the necessary rules that help us live together in harmony, there are also laws that may leave you scratching your head. Would you ever believe there are real state laws that dictate your facial hair, or what clothes your animal can wear?

Here are some of the most interesting laws we could dig up, but trust us when we say there are many more!

These Celebrity Investments All Paid Off In Spades

We have all seen the stories of new musicians, athletes, and comedians whose popularity has blown up and they find themselves suddenly with more money than they know what to do with (what a terrible situation, right?).

It’s far too easy to blow your newfound wealth on expensive champagne, a 200-foot yacht, or a flashy mansion. However, some of our favorite celebs out there have turned their successes into even more with smart venture opportunities, and sound business decisions.

Here is our top 15 list of celebrities who have made the best of their accomplishments with multi-million dollar investments.

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25 Things That May Be Worth a Fortune In Your Own Home

Do you think twice when you throw your loose change in your pocket? Do you take a second look at that used gift card you tossed in the trash? Most likely the answer is ‘no.’

Many people are not aware of the value of their own household items. Prices can range from $20 to several thousands of dollars for simple items that you do not even think twice about.

There are plenty of hidden gems that you may find in your own home to make some good spendin’ cash. We sifted through the trash so you don’t have to, and found twenty-five potentially valuable items that could reside in your house right now. One man’s trash truly is another man’s treasure!

Homeless Man Sells Painting For $20 But Then Realizes He Made A Huge Mistake

Adam Gillian found himself in a tragic situation, having to sleep in -19 degree weather for the last 3 years. With nothing but a coat and a blanket to his name, he relied on the kindness of strangers and his wits to get by in Edmonton, Canada..

Because he didn’t have a lot of money, he would often have to rummage through garbage cans to find things he could possibly sell. When he found a Disney painting in the garbage one day, he sold it to the highest bidder for $20. That was a huge mistake…

Surprising Facts About the Vikings

From Norse mythology in Marvel’s Thor to countless movies and books, Vikings remain in popular culture to this day. But what do you really know about Vikings?

You might have an idea of them being ancient pirates complete with buried treasure, but these facts about the Vikings will certainly change the way you think about them. They didn’t necessarily wear horned helmets and run fearlessly into battle, but their extraordinary culture was impressive and influential.

Read on to find out surprising facts about these fascinating people!
Giant xylophone

Incredible Giant Xylophone Built In Forest

This incredible xylophone was built in the middle of a forest by the Japanese advertising agency Drill Inc. The video was commissioned by NTT DoCoMo, which is the largest mobile phone operator in Japan. It was created to be used in a commercial for their new phone featuring a wooden case. What better way to advertise the phone’s natural casing than by cutting down tons of trees in order to build a giant xylophone?

Putting any environmental criticisms aside, the xylophone is extremely impressive. As a ball travels down the instrument each key plays an individual note of Johann Sebastian Bach’s classical song, Cantata 147 — . It may be hard to tell at times since the rhythm is not perfect but cut these guys some slack — they built a giant xylophone in the middle of a forest.

The xylophone was reported as being close to one mile long, but some skeptics actually calculated the speed of the ball against the time of the song and found it to be no more than 45 or so meters — hilariously short of one mile.

Sir Peter Jackson Has A Secret Lord Of The Rings Bunker Under His House

The famed movie director is known to have created J R R trilogies regarding the world of Middle Earth, but what you may not know is that he has also turned his home into a fantasy playground. You can find a complete set of underground tunnels and an actual real-life size hobbit hole.

In fact, if you happen to pull the right book in his home on the right bookcase, then just maybe you may find the opening to Bag End, the home of Bilbo Baggins. A former movie crew member has shed some light on the secrets in Jackson’s mansion. After painting the castle walls for the movie, they would head over to his home in Wairarapa to continue work in his house.

Bino Smith worked with Jackson on Lord of the Rings and King Kong, as a set finisher he was experienced with painting, carving, and plastering. Once he would finish polyester structures for the movies, he would help Jackson recreate scenes in his own home. It is no secret at all that Jackson fell in love with the Bilbo’s home when filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it was documented that he asked New Line Studio if he could keep the set once they were done.

Smith has advised he was one of the people from the crew who helped set up Bag End in an actual hill underground, on Jackson’s farm. And according to him, it is an exact recreation only this version is livable, people can stay and live in it. You even have to go through tunnels to get there, through the house into the wine cellar. When Smith was there working on building Jackson’s vision, they had already completed four lower levels and apparently, there were plans to make ten underground levels in total.

So picture that the real-life playground of the minds of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Peter Jackson all coming together and turning their film sets into a reality.

These Are The Most Unexplored Places on Earth

You would think that by now, everything on this planet would have been explored. After all, human ingenuity has led to technology that can scan the ocean floors, see through walls, and even send robots to other planets in our solar system.

Fortunately for us, there is still much mystery left on this beautiful planet! Places we know exist but we can’t seem to find, ancient vaults we’ve discovered but can’t figure out how to open, and countless places far too dangerous for humans to travel.

The following are just some of the mysterious places that humans have still yet to fully explore.

Even Baby Giraffes Are Allowed A Cake On Their Birthday

Just one year ago millions of people were on the edge of their seat, all fixated on an unlikely hero – a new baby giraffe. The heavily pregnant mother giraffe called April was slowly trotting around her zoo and there was a great excitement in the air for the birth of her baby.

On April 15th, the baby a male arrived in the morning, born at 9:53 am local time. The birth was conveyed to millions of people as it was streamed live from their home in the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) in Harpursville, New York.

The baby giraffe was named Tajiri which means Hope and Confidence in Swahili and just recently celebrated his first birthday. Once again the AAP rose to the occasion and shared the celebrations live via streaming. The event was watched by Tajiri’s worldwide fan base and everyone joined the festivities via the use of the Giraffe’s Cam.

Tajiri still shares an enclosure with his mother, and the father is close by though he is not involved in raising the young giraffe. A local bakery provided lovely snacks for all the humans and then a special meal was prepared for the giraffes. A meal of lettuce and carrots – just what giraffes love! Tajiri is actually now about 10 feet tall, but still nursing from his mother. This according to the APP will stop shortly though and he will move on to completely eating solid foods. Once fully weaned though it will be time for Tajiri to be separated from his mother, so he will have to spread his wings and find a new home.

But what birthday is complete without a cake?

An amazing cake was baked made especially for the baby, cauliflower and carrots were used as frosting and some superb display of giraffe chow pellets made it really look like a birthday cake. At Least we know this baby giraffe will not have any teeth decay from sugar.