20 Timeless Ancient Beauty Secrets Still Used Today

Have you ever wondered where beauty regimes came from? Ancient beauty regimes have been happening for thousands of years. From the Aztecs to the Egyptians and from the Greeks to Romans, ancient beauty secrets are all around us. Highlighting hair and facial masks have been circulating through the ages.

These ancient beauty secrets have been uncovered and are waiting for you to explore. Here you will find why women highlight their hair and where it all started. You will also learn about the ancient use of pearl powder and green tea. The results are endless.


20 Of The Most Amazing Things You Can Only Find In Japan

Japan is an incredibly interesting country that should be on your bucket list to visit if you haven’t already.

They are ahead of the curve in technology compared to most of the world, and have a fascinating culture that is unique in many ways. So you’re bound to find things in the Land of The Rising Sun that you wouldn’t find elsewhere on the planet.

Most of these things might seem bizarre at first, but then you’ll start wondering: why don’t they have this everywhere?! Okay, maybe not for all of them…


These Top Organization Tips From Marie Kondo May Improve Your Life

Have you ever been overwhelmed looking at your house and thinking about cleaning it? Marie Kondo is here to help! With her own show and book, Marie Kondo taps into the organizational skills that you need to reorganize your house. The journey of reorganizing begins with the question: does it bring you joy?

This leading question helps you sort out the clutter from your life and enter a new world of organization and peace. Asking yourself if it brings you joy as you clean can also relate to other parts of your life.

Read on to find the top twenty organizational tips from Marie Kondo!


You Probably Use Most Of These Things Every Day, and They Wouldn’t Exist Without NASA

NASA is best known as the agency that explores all things that happen beyond our skies. In their 60 year history, they never fell short in fascinating us with what they’ve discovered.

But they are far more than just space experts. They have the technology that is responsible for so many modern inventions, including many inventions that we use on a daily basis. You might be using one of them right now while you’re reading this!

Rather than talk about space exploration (sorry, stargazers), we dug up some of the amazing everyday things that wouldn’t exist without NASA, and many will surprise you…


This Is The Largest Known Cave in the World, and It Is Breathtaking

The story of the cave’s discovery dates back as far as nearly thirty years ago by a local resident, but the location of this cave remained unknown for years.

It wasn’t until the British Caving Research Association rediscovered it — twenty years after its initial discovery — that we started learning more about this magnificent marvel of nature. It had been one of the world’s best kept secrets until only a few years ago.

Once you see inside this breathtaking cave, you’ll understand why they’re trying so hard to protect it…


25 of the Smartest Animals on the Planet

For all you animal lovers out there, you’ve no doubt seen an animal do something that has impressed you. Perhaps they seemed to catch onto a joke that you made, or maybe they found a clever way to get to the snacks you were hiding in the top shelf behind the secret trap-door.

Animals are smart! Some are really smart. They might not always seem to be as intelligent as humans but their brains are often capable of incredible things.

Here are some of the smartest animals on our planet with some facts to back it up, and many of them will probably surprise you!


This Amazing Girl Became a Model And Taught Us To Never Giving Up On Your Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of being a model or an actor/actress? If you’re like most people, your answer is probably yes.

This answer was the same for a young girl with Down’s syndrome. Georgia Taebert has wanted to be a model ever since she was young.

Georgia Taebert’s story of success is an amazing, feel good one that reminds you to keep on dreaming no matter what. That’s what Georgia had to do.


The 18 Richest Men Throughout All of History

Wealth has indisputably become a very political hot-button issue these days. With all of the controversy around the “1%” of the ultra-rich, it is interesting to look at history and see who really controlled the most wealth.

Many of today’s billionaires are famous, well-known people whose names you probably know, but even they are not nearly as wealthy as some from history.

This is just a small list of people who have solidified their legacy by being the richest people in the history of the world. Some used their money for the betterment of the world, and some you may argue were downright evil; but one thing’s for sure: they were (or are) really really filthy rich!


These Most Charitable Celebs Have Helped Countless People

Some celebrities have more power and money us ordinary people can imagine. Even though directors, musicians, and athletes live in luxury with flashy cars, expensive mansions, and wild vacations, some celebs do have a softer side to give something back to those who need it the most.

Thankfully, they use their voices and wallets to change the world in very astounding ways. From helping to find cures or feeding the poor to bringing a school to underdeveloped areas, there’s nothing these celebs can’t do. Check out this list of the top charitable celebrities – some might surprise you!


Most Powerful Men Throughout History

History is very powerful. We don’t always realize the influence it has on us. Many men have been involved in affecting the way we live today. Men with great minds, men who have done great acts or have created movements of thought.

Tracing how their actions affect us can actually feel liberating and help us understand the world we live in today. When we understand how our world has been led here, we can keep advancing as a species and appreciate the lives we have today.

Of all the countless men who have walked this Earth, here are the most powerful men who have impacted life as we know it more than any others.


20 Unbelievable Movie Remakes Scheduled to Be Produced

It seems like there are more sequels and remakes coming out of Hollywood these days than original movies. You can’t even count on one hand how many actors have played Batman or James Bond over the years.

That’s why it’s so refreshing when an unique concept is produced, or you watch classic movies where you think “this movie can never be remade.” Well, think again!

There are over 200 movies reboots either In Production or Scheduled to be produced, and many of them are movies where you thought it could never happen…or should never happen. From cult classics to films that got it right the first time around, here are the top 20 most unbelievable movie remakes scheduled to be created.

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