This Is The Most Important Dating Instruction Video Ever.. Guys Listen Up!

This man has perfected the art of categorizing women. After 46 years of experience, he seems to have developed the perfect system to finding the right woman.

The system is so easy that anyone can follow but a lot of thought has been put into it. You can tell by the extra categories in the end.

Watch the incredibly informative video below (make sure you watch all the way until the end):

Youtube / James Yeager

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The 12 Worst Fast Food Ideas Ever Tested

These fast food chains are the very same establishments that brought you deliciously addictive items like the Big Mac, Whopper, and the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. However, not everything they’ve developed over the years was a success. In fact, many of their ideas were disastrous failures. Some ideas were so preposterous that you might question the sanity of the big wigs who were running these companies at the time. Without further ado, here are twelve examples of the most epic fast food failures over the years.

1. McDonald’s Hulaburger

In a failed attempt to cater to Catholics who avoided meat on Fridays during Lent, McDonalds created the Hula Burger in the 1960s. The decline in Friday sales apparently drove the chain crazy enough to come up with the insane idea of replacing meat entirely with grilled pineapple. Regardless of the absence of meat, the ‘burger’ still came with cheese and ketchup, making it somehow even more disgusting than a plain pineapple sandwich.

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Do You Remember These Hilarious Old Board Games?

Everybody knows about Monopoly and Life, but there are countless other board games that didn’t stand the test of time.

These old board games range from incredibly interesting to just plain absurd. You’ll be amazed that you haven’t heard of them, but you’ll also be dying to get your hands on them.

One thing is for sure: you’ll feel plenty of nostalgia after reading this…

Blind Man Gives His Friend The Best Tattoo Ever… You Have To See It To Believe It!

Nick is blind and his friend, who is a tattoo artist, had enough faith in him to allow him to tattoo his leg. After a bit of basic training, Nick believed that he was ready.

It is often true that when someone loses one of their senses, their other four are heightened to compensate. Nick was able to use the vibrations of the needle to sense how much ink was being used and he would then navigate where the needle went with his heightened sense of touch. The end result is something you would’ve never guessed.

See the pictures below to view the masterpiece:

Nick, still hard at work

And The Finished Product…

New Coloring Book For Adults Is Just As Amazing As You’d Think has revived a long lost childhood artifact. It seems like just yesterday, there were dozens of coloring books in every household. Nowadays, kids have no idea what crayons are for, but can show you how to pull up high definition images of them on their iPads or iPhones.

Back in the day, coloring books were one of the only sources of entertainment a kid could get. It allowed them to express their creativity and use their imagination with no rules, well one rule.. stay between the lines. Thank you for bringing back all that nostalgia.

Check out just some of the great pages below:

7 Things You Never Noticed About Common Images

These are all prominent things you’ve undoubtedly seen before. However, if you view them with a different perspective you can find some interesting observations. Once these are pointed out, you’ll never be able to look at these things in the same way again. Sorry in advance!

Worst Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Ever… He Lost A Car And His Dignity

This guy will go down in history as one of the worst Wheel of Fortune contestants ever. He had 3 chances to solve extremely easy puzzles and could not get any of them. It will also go down as one of the most expensive fails ever because he would have been guaranteed a free car and have a chance to play for a million dollars.

The winner? Definitely the girl who got to go after him.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Youtube / Eddie Hinkle

Texts From Your Cat

Cats are one of the biggest enigmas in existence. They seem to never care about their actions and show no remorse whenever they do something wrong. Sometimes they are the most affectionate animals, evident in the many heartwarming photos that people post with their cats, while other times they are as cold as ice.

Do you sometimes wonder what goes on in your cat’s head? Well, Angie Bailey has created hilarious text message exchanges between a cat and its owner.

This is exactly what it would be like if your cat was able to text message you:

What If You Had To Live Your Life With Lag? (Social Experiment), a fiber optic broadband provider decided to conduct an experiment for 2 days. They wanted people to see how it would be like if they lived their everyday lives with the internet’s biggest problem, lag.

They created a device that would take what it saw in real-time and displayed the actions with a time delay for as long as they set it to. Not only is the video informative, it is extremely hilarious to see how these people reacted.

Watch the video below to see what we mean:

Youtube / umeaenergi

You can visit the company’s website here:

These Men Wanted To Feel The Pain Of Giving Birth… The Result Is Hilarious!

Every woman who has ever given birth has told a man that nothing he will ever encounter in life will be as painful as giving birth. They always wave it men’s faces, that no matter how much struggle they go through, women will always have it harder because they are the ones that go through the birthing process. For the longest time, men had to take their word for it because there was no way of ever experiencing that pain.

Well, apparently now there is. Two dads volunteered to be hooked up to a machine that simulates the feeling of giving birth. What ensued was absolutely hilarious.

Watch the video below to see their reactions:

Youtube / Faithrefreshed