These Things Make Japan One of the Most Unique Countries on the Planet

Japan is an incredibly interesting country that should be on your bucket list to visit if you haven’t already.

They are ahead of the curve in technology compared to most of the world, and have a fascinating culture that is unique in many ways. So you’re bound to find things in the Land of The Rising Sun that you wouldn’t find elsewhere on the planet.

Most of these things might seem bizarre at first, but then you’ll start wondering: why don’t they have this everywhere?! Okay, maybe not for all of them…

The Most Hilariously Useless Inventions Ever Made

Every year tens of thousands of ideas are turned into inventions. There are the ones that change how people live their lives and ones that offer a minor convenience. Then are the utterly useless ones; the ones that make you wonder, “Why would anyone want this?”

Despite their uselessness, some of these ideas have ended up succeeding while others are only good for a laugh. Whether they did or not, here are some of the most useless creations and ideas to ever exist.

Held Hostage By A Sega Light Gun For 10 hours

In 2009, that was the situation one poor 60-year-old woman found herself. A hostage for ten whole hours being held up by a Sega Light Phaser. The man was apparently looking to collect on a debt, so decided the best option was to break into her house in the Brazil Federal District. And demand payment by threatening to shoot with his Light Phaser.

The plan, as you can imagine, was not thought out very well at all. You see most people in Brazil would have recognized Sega’s famous Light Phaser. The lady that was being held up, though definitely a scary circumstance to be in, may even have laughed in his face. If someone ran into your place of work with an XBOX controller as a weapon, would you be able to take them seriously?

The accessory that was shipped with the Sega Master System was extremely common in Brazil. In fact, when released in 1989, Brazil became one of Sega’s strongest markets.

The Master System was a home video game console based on the Sega Mark III that was released in Japan in 1985. This was a groundbreaking 16-bit console at the time, but could not really breakthrough Nintendo’s big market share in North America and Europe. But due to its extremely high popularity in Brazil, Sega still produces some of the consoles today. They also had some cool 3D glasses that could work with some specially coded games. Luckily for the police, the attacker forgot to wear his 3D glasses so was not able to see them coming.

After ten hours of negotiating with the police, he released the hostage unharmed. Which was a lucky outcome for this situation because it seemed the robber was also holding a very real pair of sharp knives. But we really have to ask the question, what in the world was he was thinking of doing with the light blaster? As according to reports, it was not even plugged into the console!

A Catfishing Story With An Unbelievable Happy Ending

The term “catfishing” is an unfortunate byproduct of the social media age, and has become so widely-known that both Merriam Webster and the Oxford English Dictionary added it to their official lists in 2014. The countless stories of identity misrepresentation usually end in horror and heartbreak, but not for Emma Perrier.

The 33-year old French woman living outside London was the victim of a catfishing scheme that turned into an unbelievable happy ending, but her story has an ironic twist. She didn’t fall in love with her catfisher; she fell in love with the person her catfisher was impersonating…

This Brilliant Ape Tricked Zookeepers For Weeks

At the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska something incredible happened — something that sounds like it came straight out of Hollywood.

The events were so hard to believe that it bewildered zookeepers at Henry Doorly for weeks.

And it all centers around one orangutan named Fu Manchu, or Fu for short…

Photoshop Expert Takes Requests Literally And Hilarity Ensues

James Fridman is really good at using Photoshop to edit photos. He is so good in fact, that he receives requests on a daily basis to edit photos and has over 1.3 million followers on social media.

The only problem? He never delivers exactly what they’re is asking for. Instead, he takes what they want literally and delivers something completely unexpected. Check out the best of his collection:

twitter @fjamie013

These Crazy Things Were All Shot Into Space … For Some Reason

Ever since the 1950s humans have launched countless robots and astronauts outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

You’d think that would be enough, but humans wouldn’t be humans if we didn’t send some weird things out there also. So here’s a list of some of the strangest things we’ve launched…


3D Printing Saves Life: Turtle Gets Its Shell Back

While many people would refer to the applications of 3D printing lying in the fields of manufacturing, product testing, and others, the fact a group of people who fancy calling them the ‘Animal Avengers’ managed to save the life of a tortoise named Freddie.

To state the obvious: the shell of a tortoise is one of the most prominent and important parts of it’s anatomy. Not only does it provide a place to sleep, it’s also useful to duck under and sustain damage which tortoises usually do as they are not predominantly the hunting ones nor can they travel very fast. But, when a bush fire burned this very shell of Freddie, the chances of her survival were starting to fade as there was no possible way to treat the injury.

Then, the animal avengers decided to come to the rescue, a group consisting of a dental surgeon, four veterinarians and a 3D designer. Being aware of the merits of 3D printing, the animal avengers decided to try and replicate Freddie’s shell with a 3D printer by taking details photos of freddy and examining the shape and size of the shell that she had.

After that, it was just a matter of waiting and hoping that it works. Fortunately, not only did it work, but there were no complications or tradeoffs when putting the replacement shell as it was a perfect fit. There was still but one teeny tiny problem: since 3D printers usually print the end product as white, it wouldn’t do justice to freddie.

And this is where the animal avengers needed some help: they called for someone volunteering to paint the shell of Freddie, and they found one. Not only did he manage to paint freddie’s shell, he did it with such accuracy and perfection that it’s hard to distinguish between them and the real shell.

And as expected, freddie the tortoise really liked her new shell, and while we gaze at her new shell, we can’t help but wonder if there are more applications of 3D printing than we’ve thought of?

The Worst Designs Ever Created. What Were They Thinking?!

Human engineering has come a long way. It is incredible that we are able to build massive bridges, skyscrapers, and roads.

However, many designs and executions do not end up nearly as successful.

These hilariously awful designs are some of the worst we were able to dig up. Enjoy!

The Most Insanely Awesome Pancake Art Ever Eaten

For those of us who have been severely deprived by only eating boring round pancakes, this gallery will give you a glimpse of what your breakfast could be like just by adding a touch of creativity.

All of these pancakes look as delicious as they are beautiful. You unfortunately don’t get to eat any of them, but you can certainly enjoy seeing them!

1. This pancake whale looks like he’s swimming straight towards the syrup.

2. Somehow a pancake shaped like a cheeseburger makes it seem even more delicious.

3. This realistic jaguar is about to pounce off the plate in order to avoid its fate.

4. This bear was made using food-colored pancake batter, making it look even more terrifying.

5. Is it illegal to eat a sloth pancake since it’s an endangered species?

6. Minnie Mouse is all alone because Mickey was already eaten.

7. This kid easily has the coolest dad on the planet.

8. Randombreakfasts’ Youtube channel shows several tasty Mario-themed pancakes.


9. Did you know ‘pink elephant’ is a euphemism for a drunken hallucination?

This elephant pancake must be an amazing solution for hangovers…

10. Would you prefer your waffles to be handed to you by a zombie pancake hand?

The Pancake Project
The Pancake Project

11. Speaking of zombies, these Walking Dead pancakes are amazing. I wonder who would taste the best?

12. Hopefully this Spongebob pancake doesn’t taste like a sponge. Unless you’re into that sort of thing…

Tiger Tomato
Tiger Tomato

13. This is one more of the many amazing Spongebob Pancakes made by Tiger Tomato.

Tiger Tomato
Tiger Tomato

14. These Beatles pancakes are better suited hanging on a wall than being eaten.


15. Hopefully you can bite this pancake before it bites you.


16. This Walter White pancake is probably as addicting as the drugs in Breaking Bad.

17. This pancake of Sadness from Inside Out is as impressive as the actual Pixar movie.

Tiger Tomato
Tiger Tomato

18. One of many Toy Story character pancakes by the amazing Dancakes.


19. To infinity, and beyond! Or probably just a stomach.


20. These minions must know they’re about to be eaten because they do not look happy.

21. Of course this Incredible Hulk pancake is the size of the entire griddle.

Check out Randombreakfasts’ Youtube channel for more amazing Avengers pancakes.


22 of the Tiniest Puppies Ever Born

These puppies are so tiny and adorable, they’re impossible not to love. Most of them can fit in the palm of your hand, but they more often seem to end up posing in tea cups. Either way, check out this gallery to see 22 of the tiniest and cutest puppies ever born — unless you’re afraid of your heart melting!

1. Teacup Yorkie

This male Teacup Yorkie weighed less than two pounds when he was listed for sale. As you can see in the picture, he was only a few inches taller than a medicine bottle!

2. Towel Dog

Good thing Biscuit’s head is sticking out from under the towel. He is so small he could have gotten lost under there.

3. Skateboard Pup

Skateboard Pup definitely learned how to master the skill at an early age.

4. Finger-sized Chihuahua

This Chihuahua is literally finger-sized, measuring about 6 inches tall!

5. Coffee Cup Pup

6. Snowball

If it weren’t for Snowball’s blown-out haircut, this puppy would look even tinier.

7. Fluffy Fox

This pup looks like a tiny fluffy fox.

8. Teacup Pup

What is up with all of these puppies finding their way into teacups?!

9. Tyson

Tyson is one of the UK’s tiniest puppies. He only weighed 11 ounces and had to be hand fed by his owner.

10. Perky Ear Pup

This perky eared fella measures around five and a half inches tall, making him one of the smallest puppies on the list.

11. Teacup Pup #2

A bit too big for the teacup it seems, and one of the largest tiny puppies on the list — but too cute not to include.

12. Taco Pup

Despite the coincidence of being a Chihuahua and in a taco, that is not the famous Taco Bell Chihuahua.

13. Palm Puppy

This puppy is sleeping so peacefully, but probably not fun for the person who has to hold him until he wakes up!

14. Even Tinier Palm Puppy

This is one of the tiniest puppies ever born. She only measured about 3 inches in width!

15. Fur Ball Friend

Jackson is obviously the size of an outstretched hand, but with a big heart!

16. Soda Pup

This puppy is not above product placement in his photo ops!

17. Bone Chewin’ Betty

Betty could fit in the palm of your hand, but she prefers being wrapped in soft blankets.

18. Sad Sarah

Sarah looks like she just found out she’s not tall enough to get on a roller coaster. Don’t worry Sarah, one day you’ll be bigger!

19. Tiny Couch Carl

This dog was only five days old when this picture was taken on an equally tiny couch.

20. Big Heart Bob

Bob was actually rescued by a nurse after losing an eye, and nursed back to health. You don’t even need two eyes to see how cute he is though!

21. Bug-Eyed Pup

This dog is tiny but seems to have a big attitude.

22. Teacup Pup #3

The third and final puppy to somehow make its way into a teacup.