These Things Make Japan One of the Most Unique Countries on the Planet

Japan is an incredibly interesting country that should be on your bucket list to visit if you haven’t already.

They are ahead of the curve in technology compared to most of the world, and have a fascinating culture that is unique in many ways. So you’re bound to find things in the Land of The Rising Sun that you wouldn’t find elsewhere on the planet.

Most of these things might seem bizarre at first, but then you’ll start wondering: why don’t they have this everywhere?! Okay, maybe not for all of them…

This Is The Largest Known Cave in the World, and It Is Breathtaking

The story of the cave’s discovery dates back as far as nearly thirty years ago by a local resident, but the location of this cave remained unknown for years.

It wasn’t until the British Caving Research Association rediscovered it — twenty years after its initial discovery — that we started learning more about this magnificent marvel of nature. It had been one of the world’s best kept secrets until only a few years ago.

Once you see inside this breathtaking cave, you’ll understand why they’re trying so hard to protect it…

Cool Facts From Production of The Wizard of Oz

Few films are embedded deep in the American psyche as The Wizard of Oz, a Mervyn LeRoy and Victor Flemming adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s novel of the same name. As its 80th anniversary approaches (the film was released in 1939), it’s also continues to be an eternal spring of shocking, strange, and harrowing facts.

While many facts are well-known — such as The Wizard of Oz being one of the first major Technicolor achievements in popular film — there are many crazier facts most people haven’t heard.

Take a look behind the wizard’s curtain at these cool facts about The Wizard of Oz

U.S. State Laws That May Leave You Scratching Your Head

Laws are part of life. There is a balance that’s maintained and we are all expected to accept it for the good of society.

However, mixed in with all of the necessary rules that help us live together in harmony, there are also laws that may leave you scratching your head. Would you ever believe there are real state laws that dictate your facial hair, or what clothes your animal can wear?

Here are some of the most interesting laws we could dig up, but trust us when we say there are many more!
Giant xylophone

Incredible Giant Xylophone Built In Forest

This incredible xylophone was built in the middle of a forest by the Japanese advertising agency Drill Inc. The video was commissioned by NTT DoCoMo, which is the largest mobile phone operator in Japan. It was created to be used in a commercial for their new phone featuring a wooden case. What better way to advertise the phone’s natural casing than by cutting down tons of trees in order to build a giant xylophone?

Putting any environmental criticisms aside, the xylophone is extremely impressive. As a ball travels down the instrument each key plays an individual note of Johann Sebastian Bach’s classical song, Cantata 147 — . It may be hard to tell at times since the rhythm is not perfect but cut these guys some slack — they built a giant xylophone in the middle of a forest.

The xylophone was reported as being close to one mile long, but some skeptics actually calculated the speed of the ball against the time of the song and found it to be no more than 45 or so meters — hilariously short of one mile.

The Amazingly Epic Disaster of Balloonfest ‘86

Breaking a world record should definitely be a fantastic adventure, one full of excitement and empowerment. There are a million and one different and weird world records out there from the biggest Harry Potter collection to the world’s longest toenails. Usually, this can result in a fun event for all people involved, especially if it is performed on a large scale.

That’s what Balloonfest of 1986 in Cleveland Ohio was meant to represent, an experience like no other as the United Way of Cleveland released a record number of balloons. They did this in order to set the world record for the biggest synchronized launch: 1.4 million balloons. But things certainly did not go as planned, in the most epic way imaginable…

Strangest Celebrities Collections

Almost every ordinary person collects objects, even if they don’t always mean to do it. From trading cards to glass figures, there’s something out there for everyone that they can’t get enough of.

It makes sense that celebrities with piles of money would find themselves collecting items en masse. You might expect expensive things like fine art or expensive memorabilia, but some celebrities are a bit more eccentric than that.

You’ll undoubtedly be surprised to see the things that these familiar faces are obsessed with…

These Are The Most Unexplored Places on Earth

You would think that by now, everything on this planet would have been explored. After all, human ingenuity has led to technology that can scan the ocean floors, see through walls, and even send robots to other planets in our solar system.

Fortunately for us, there is still much mystery left on this beautiful planet! Places we know exist but we can’t seem to find, ancient vaults we’ve discovered but can’t figure out how to open, and countless places far too dangerous for humans to travel.

The following are just some of the mysterious places that humans have still yet to fully explore.

Little Known Facts About the Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials took place between 1692 and 1693 and became a mass hysteria of accusations and fear. Nineteen people were accused and sentenced as witches, and even a few dogs!

Once a finger was pointed at someone and they were accused of being a witch, there was little they could do to defend themselves. The reasons for the Salem Witch Trials are still under the historical microscope and continue to be to this day.

Here are twenty-five facts about the Salem Witch Trials that may seem like lunacy today, but they were very real at the time.

The Most Extreme Celebrity Body Transformations of All Time

Being an actor or actress can sometimes be a very demanding job. It’s not always the glitz and glamour that magazines and TV shows make it out to be.

Often times, there can be intense requirements to play certain characters that can require actors to gain or lose lots of weight, be able to wear heavy prosthetics or even completely change their body type in a few short months or sometimes even weeks!

Here’s a list of some of the craziest and most extreme body transformations that actors have endured in their careers.

A Catfishing Story With An Unbelievable Happy Ending

The term “catfishing” is an unfortunate byproduct of the social media age, and has become so widely-known that both Merriam Webster and the Oxford English Dictionary added it to their official lists in 2014. The countless stories of identity misrepresentation usually end in horror and heartbreak, but not for Emma Perrier.

The 33-year old French woman living outside London was the victim of a catfishing scheme that turned into an unbelievable happy ending, but her story has an ironic twist. She didn’t fall in love with her catfisher; she fell in love with the person her catfisher was impersonating…