Underwater Restaurant Gives Waterfront Dining A Whole New Meaning

If you’re always on the hunt for creative dining experiences, the folks at Snøhetta have you covered. Business owners of Snøhetta are innovating the dining experience for those in Norway with a new restaurant named Under.

The dining room of the 100-foot long restaurant is fully submerged underwater! Their 2-ton periscope-like structure is the first of its kind, sitting almost 6 meters under the North Sea. It is not the only underwater restaurant in the world, but it is the only one in Europe and far superior to its forerunners.

Eating at Under might be the most fantastic dinner you’ve ever had. If being submerged underwater isn’t unique enough, Under also doubles as a marine life research lab housing local researchers and marine biologists. You have to see it to believe it…


27 Insane Burning Man Facts That Will Make You Think Twice About Missing It Next Year

Ever heard of the popular Burning Man festival?

If you have, everything you think you know about Burning Man is probably wrong. If you haven’t, you’ll be equally amazed and intrigued soon enough.

Burning Man is kind of like an awesome experiment. The goal of this experiment is to create a small city, only for one week…before it disappears forever.


The dry desert of Reno, Nevada is home to Burning Man’s small city once a year. Add in music, thousands of people, and spiritual experiences happening everywhere and you’re sure to have a wild ride. You can’t even imagine what this small hippy utopia looks like.

We dug up some of the most wild images that will leave you wondering why you’re not already packed up and ready to head to the desert.

Elderly Thief Steals Millions Worth Of Diamonds With Chocolates

One smart thief has been able to evade the world’s most expensive hi-tech security system by simply using a box of chocolates. He has been able to walk off with over 21 million Euros worth of diamonds in Belgium, but just using a trick as old of time: personal charm.


Most likely to go down as one of the biggest robberies committed by just one person, the conman was able to burgle a safety box in Antwerp’s diamond quarter. It is thought he was able to steal gems that weighed over 120,000 carats. The elderly thief masqueraded as a successful businessman and visited the bank regularly. In 2007, he used his charm to befriend the staff and was able to win their confidence. One official even advised that he gained their trust by bringing them some boxes of chocolates.

And now the bank staff are left wondering how they ever let a man with a fake Argentine passport have access to their vaults. He had been a regular customer at the establishment for over a year and gave the name of Carlos Hector Flomenbaum from Argentina. The authorities have nearly zero leads and even offered a 2 million euro reward to any information that would lead to his arrest – but that went nowhere. This thief has never been spotted again and the passport he was using had actually been stolen in Israel a couple of years beforehand.

You see the key part of the plot was due to what happens on a daily basis in Antwerp’s diamond district, the banks have to accommodate clients that need to store diamonds overnight but need to withdraw them during the day. Which means some special customers are given access to the vaults for this purpose.

A scenario that goes to show even the world’s best security systems will be defeated by human error. The thief was able to use his charm to get the keys to the vaults and even get information about where the diamonds were stored. And then it was a simple matter of copying the keys and walking out with the precious gems.

Scottish Sailors Used Real Birds As Candles

Long before the time of Thomas Edison or any sort of electricity, or battery powered torches; someone out in the night had an idea to keep a flame alight. Why not use a dead oily bird? That will do the trick, just put a piece of string through the bird’s dead carcass and you have a candle.


And the miraculous thing is it really did work. Deep in the arctic seafaring communities of Scotland, just over a century ago, hundreds of sailors would use dead birds as candles. The Orkney and Shetland Islands saw many bird candles being used all over their boats. And apart from the fire hazard that a feathered torch would bring, the idea worked and was practical in its use.

If you did not have any oil left for a lamp or too little wax for a candle, then the Devil Bird would be your savior. The stormy petrel was the bird that was used the most for these types of candles, simply because, they were numerous at this time in Scotland. And Scottish sailors around the subarctic seas were familiar with these little birds.

Though you can still find stormy petrels flying around these regions during the summer and spring, the dead bird candles are now just a piece of Scottish history. Though you can find several photos and may find one in a natural history museum. Normally you can easily spot them as there will be a tarred wick coming out of the bird’s head.

Contrary to what you may believe, the bird’s name has nothing to do with petrol. Experts believe petrel would have stood for pitteral, a word that has fallen out of English use and nobody really knows what it meant – though the theory is it may have something to do with rocks. They were called stormy petrels because they always flocked to ships when a huge storm was coming, and this is why there were many superstitions around this bird. Many sailors called them the devil’s birds or the water witches.

Stalin Had A Secret Lab That Analysed World Leader’s Poop

Mao Zedong once famously shouted at Josef Stalin at his only meeting in Moscow that he was here for more than just eating and shitting. Stalin had kept him waiting for days in a bid to show him who the real boss was. However, it appears that records have come out that Stalin was indeed more interested in the leader’s inner workings than he let on. In fact, Stalin had a secret lab that was dedicated to analyzing a world leader’s poop.


A Soviet agent by the name of Ivor Atamanenko has told the world how he was ordered by Stalin to follow Mao around and keep him well fed, collecting his excrement on a daily basis to be studied. The Russian scientists decided to analyze his poop to determine Mao’s state of mind. They were searching for chemicals that at the time it was believed told a person type of behavior or traits. It sounds completely crazy but there had been researching done into looking the chemicals found in someone’s poo and linking it to their mental state.

And this was not something Stalin reserved for Mao, any world leader who visited Russia at the time would have been subject to the infamous poop test. The researchers believed that a high level of brain chemicals such as amino acid tryptophan was a sign that someone would be calm and easy to deal with. Whereas if the levels were low then that would mean the opposite – there was also the level of potassium. If your potassium levels were low then it was thought you would be more nervous and could even be suffering from insomnia.

Nobody really knows the results of all these tests Stalin ordered on world leader’s poop and it is doubtful that any of the true documentation will ever surface. During the era of the soviet union and Stalin, there were many different fields of science that were followed which look strange now that we look back. It just goes to show how much of the science field was controlled by the political struggles of the time.

These Places Were All Abandoned Long Ago. Take a Look At Them Now

Generally, when we think of a cool vacation stop we think of lush green gardens, maid service, infinity pools, you name it. It’s not often that we think about what happens to an area when people, for some reason, stop going and it’s left alone.

Our list of abandoned places is sure to make you rethink your idea of where to go on your next vacation. It might not be your typical idea of beauty, but these places are beautiful nonetheless. It might be time to take trip to check them out.


Man Shoots Himself In The Head And Cures His Mental Illness

In 1988 in Los Angeles a report came out of a young mentally ill man who tried to commit suicide. Apparently, he was even convinced to commit suicide by his mother, due to his extreme phobia of germs and an obsession for handwashing.


Now the .22 caliber bullet that he shot into his brain actually destroyed the whole part of his brain that was causing all his obsessive and compulsive behavior. After a doctor examination, they even confirmed that no other part of his brain had been damaged by the gunshot wound.

Victims of this disorder tend to have an inexplicable urge to keep repeating activities over and over again, to a point that disables them from enjoying life. For example, this man, who is simply identified as George, had to drop out of school and quit his job. All because he was washing his hand’s hundreds of times a day and also needed to take frequent showers. So despite being a grade-A student he had to drop out of school.

George was being treated by a psychiatrist Leslie Solyom at Shaughnessy Hospital in British Columbia, but despite the continued support and treatment, positive progress on resolving the behavior or being able to live with it was not happening. George was extremely depressed and confided in his mother that he would rather die. Unfortunately, instead of giving him support his mother simply told him: “So look George, if your life is so wretched, just go and shoot yourself.”

This prompted him to go down into the basement and put a rifle in his mouth. Then the miracle happened, despite blowing up his frontal lobe, George did not die. And after several surgeries to remove the fragments of bullet in his brain, it appeared that all his symptoms had disappeared completely. George then recovered and went back to school, graduated and held down a job perfectly fine.

Some of his doctors summed up his unsuccessful suicide attempt as a radical surgery that worked.

These Things Make Japan One of the Most Unique Countries on the Planet

Japan is an incredibly interesting country that should be on your bucket list to visit if you haven’t already.

They are ahead of the curve in technology compared to most of the world, and have a fascinating culture that is unique in many ways. So you’re bound to find things in the Land of The Rising Sun that you wouldn’t find elsewhere on the planet.

Most of these things might seem bizarre at first, but then you’ll start wondering: why don’t they have this everywhere?! Okay, maybe not for all of them…


This Is The Largest Known Cave in the World, and It Is Breathtaking

The story of the cave’s discovery dates back as far as nearly thirty years ago by a local resident, but the location of this cave remained unknown for years.

It wasn’t until the British Caving Research Association rediscovered it — twenty years after its initial discovery — that we started learning more about this magnificent marvel of nature. It had been one of the world’s best kept secrets until only a few years ago.

Once you see inside this breathtaking cave, you’ll understand why they’re trying so hard to protect it…


Cool Facts From Production of The Wizard of Oz

Few films are embedded deep in the American psyche as The Wizard of Oz, a Mervyn LeRoy and Victor Flemming adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s novel of the same name. As its 80th anniversary approaches (the film was released in 1939), it’s also continues to be an eternal spring of shocking, strange, and harrowing facts.

While many facts are well-known — such as The Wizard of Oz being one of the first major Technicolor achievements in popular film — there are many crazier facts most people haven’t heard.

Take a look behind the wizard’s curtain at these cool facts about The Wizard of Oz


U.S. State Laws That May Leave You Scratching Your Head

Laws are part of life. There is a balance that’s maintained and we are all expected to accept it for the good of society.

However, mixed in with all of the necessary rules that help us live together in harmony, there are also laws that may leave you scratching your head. Would you ever believe there are real state laws that dictate your facial hair, or what clothes your animal can wear?

Here are some of the most interesting laws we could dig up, but trust us when we say there are many more!