Captain Blackbeard Was Actually A Real Life Terminator

Samuel Reason | July 15th, 2019

The infamous Captain Blackbeard that has sparked so many stories, TV series and films over the years is an extremely iconic figure in the world of pirates. Most likely the best-known pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy, which happened from the late 1600s to the mid-1720s. Although his true pirating career only did last a couple of years and he did not really accumulate as much treasure as the stories may tell, it was Captain Blackbeard’s audacious moves which saw him blockade the city of Charleston for a week that made him so infamous.

Real name Edward Thatch or Teach, it is thought he may have plundered the most ships ever in the history of pirating. And one of the reasons he was so feared is that Captain Blackbeard appeared to just never go down, no matter what the wound. He was eventually killed by British naval Lieutenant Robert Maynard, who had been dispatched by the Virginia Governor at the time, Alexander Spotswood, to track him down. And when he did finally catch him, it took over 5 direct shots to finally kill Captain Blackbeard, some may call the pirate the very first terminator.

He tracked down Captain Blackbeard off the coast of North Carolina’s Ocracoke Island and prepared to surprise him. But Blackbeard’s ship was alerted to the danger and tried to escape, as they passed by the Lieutenant’s boat Blackbeard shouted his famous last quote that he would give no quarter and with a glass of wine swearing damnation to the British forces.

Blackbeard decided to board Maynard’s ship and this ultimately was his mistake, Maynard had hidden over 20 troops below deck and as the pirates boarded they were swarmed. A bloody battled endured where combatants slashed, thrust and shot at one another in all directions. When the smoke of exploding gunpowder cleared, Blackbeard lay dead.

By Maynard’s accounts, the pirate whose aura was larger than life took five shots and over twenty slashes to various body parts before finally falling down. And even then he did not stop fighting until his head was finally cut off. It seems he lived by his words to the end and gave no quarter, for his enemies or for himself.

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