Bumblebees Are Helping The Police Catch Serial Killers

Samuel Reason - April 25th, 2019

Bees are helping police and detective agencies around the world put together an amazing method for catching serial killers. Geographic profiling is a technique that many police departments use around the world, this allows them to come up with a quick list of suspects during the investigation of serial crimes.


The technique uses the sites of the serial killer’s crimes to attempt to predict and figure out where the killer is most likely to be living. Dr. Nigel Raine and Dr. Stele Le Comber from Queens Mary School of Biological and Chemical Sciences worked closely with a former detective by the name of Kim Rossmo to put together the technique.

Oddly enough this same technique has been used to analyze the patterns bees take when foraging around looking for nectar. Which means that an algorithm for catching serial killers is now being redesigned to help save dying bee populations. And then to make things even better, the results that happened in the bee experiments have helped criminologists perfect their technique for police forces, allowing them to predict a serial killers location with much more accuracy.

This technique has come together by the following similarities between bees and serial killers: most crimes happen close to the killer’s home and the killer’s home is surrounded by what is known as the buffer area, which is a place where crime is low. Much like bees who do not forage extremely close to their hive in case a predator is following them.

This allows criminologist to create a virtual profile which will show the areas where the killer is most likely to live, the research on bees is very interesting for criminologists because unlike other industries they cannot do research with criminals. So they have to rely on similarities with other industries such as bees to perfect their technique. For example, they have used the same technique to locate the beehive from observing which flowers the bees visits.

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