Do You Remember These Hilarious Old Board Games?

Mad Magazine: the “What-Me Worry?” Game

In the days before YouTube, Facebook, and the World Wide Web, there were things called “magazines” that captivated and entertained people. One of these historical documents was called Mad Magazine.

Founded in 1952, Mad Magazine quickly became a beloved satire with one of the most recognizable mascots, dubbed Alfred E. Nueman. Over 25 years later it also became a board game with a name as strange as it’s humor: Mad Magazine, the “What-Me Worry?” Game.

In true satirical fashion, the game is similar to Monopoly but played with a reverse objective — to lose all of your money. There is really no comprehensible strategy to win since the cards occasionally force players to switch seats and haphazardly exchange their money. All the while though, the game is filled with outlandish directions that make it as entertaining and humorous as the magazine.

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