Before 1935 Toilet Paper Had Splinters

Samuel Reason | May 25th, 2018

Yes, your nightmare, toilet paper with splinters, was actually a sold commodity before the 1930s. Imagine going to the toilet, only to have to face a dangerous roll of toilet paper that was planning to stab you the moment you let your guard down. Those splinters would have been extremely painful, that is for sure. Or were people really just tougher back then? At least that is what my grandma always tells me.

It really is amazing what type of products we could not live without during the modern days, electricity and indoor plumbing definitely are high on the list when it comes to modern civilization. Another is probably our smartphones. But the real winner would have to be toilet paper, which everyone uses on a daily basis. Gone are the days where people would use corn cobs to wash.

In fact splinter-free toilet paper is actually quite recent, Northern Issue, only advertised it in 1935. Before this point due to the production method, it was very common to find splinters in toilet rolls, it was very rough paper. Imagine wiping with sandpaper and you may come close to the first rolls of toilet paper ever produced. As you can imagine this was high in demand product and their marketing campaign was an immediate success. Today the company is now called Quilted Northern and is part of the multi-billion industry that is selling toilet paper.

Using the bathroom has always been an interesting topic when it comes to history, the Greeks, for example, used stones or pieces of clay to stay clean. Romans opted for a sponge on a stick, though beware it was shared by a whole community. Even if it was dropped in heavily salted water, we are not sure it would have passed today’s hygiene standards.

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