Beef Jerky Causing Hallucinations

Laura Heggs | July 18th, 2018

A new study has found that people eating beef jerky could be more likely to end up with bipolar disorders. The cured meats like pepperoni and salami can develop mania which is the mental state that causes mood swings.

In fact, they are also subject to causing confusion and a complete disconnect from reality, meaning beef jerky can potentially give you hallucinations.

The odd thing is this study was not even intended, the researchers were not looking into this at all. So far no need to throw out all your dried and cured meats, the study has found a link been manic mental problems and processed meats but not yet confirmed the cause. Located by researchers at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, the researchers discovered the worrying results by accident when a high amount of patients with severe psychiatric disorders were quizzed about their daily living habits.

All through 2007 to 2017, these questionnaires were handed out to patients entering the clinic, and when looking over the results more patients with severe bipolar episodes answered yes to the question about eating cured meats.

The theory is that the nitrate preservatives in cured meats seem to cause an increase in hyperactivity, this could potentially have a role in the human symptoms also. This was tested on rats and it appeared to be true, however, rat brains are far from being the same as humans. If proved to be true though, it will definitely be a big blow for the cured meat industry.

Nitrates could definitely be impacted human brain functions, confirmed Dr. Bob Yolken from John Hopkins Medicine, the reason being that they have a very similar chemical make up to actual chemicals in our brain. This could be causing confusion in our bodies, allowing the nitrates a direct path to influencing brain functions.

A scary thought and a study that will be interesting to follow, so far though without any further confirmation no need to panic about your salami and pepperoni intake.

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