Ancient Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists Today

Saksaywaman Fortress Walls

Stones weighing more than 200 tons form the Saksaywaman Fortress Walls in Cuzco, Peru. The fortress predates the Incan empire, but researched have not been able to definitively date the structure. The craftsmanship at the site is awe-inspiring. The boulders fit together perfectly, as if they were machined. There is no evidence at the site to indicate how the giant stones were carved and lifted into place. Even today, that would require a team of experts and a tremendous amount of manpower.

The people living in the area have a legend that says that a liquid extracted from a native plant makes the stones lighter and more malleable. The legend goes on to say that the rocks were heated to a high temperature that forced them to meld tightly together. Although archeologists do not know how the structure was constructed, they do have evidence that the site was used as a temple and that various ceremonies took place there in the ancient past.
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