Ancient Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists Today

Dropa Stones

In the unexplored caves of the Bayan-Kara-Ula Mountains of China in 1938, Dr. Chi Pu Tei and his team of archeologists discovered hundreds of stone disks scattered all around and covered with years of dust and debris. The Dropa Stones looked a lot like modern day music records, or phonographs…they were round, with a hole in the center, about nine inches in diameter, and … surprisingly, had a spiral groove, just like a phonograph. The grooves presented a bit of a mystery to researchers.

When viewed under a microscope, it appeared that there were miniscule symbols, like hieroglyphics, carved into each of the grooves. This lent credence to the idea that the Dropa Stones contain information. Astonishingly, researchers believe that the Dropa Stones may be as old as 12,000 years old. One researcher even claims to have deciphered some of the hieroglyphics and states that it tells the story of a spaceship that crashed in the area. The occupants could not repair the craft and were forced to live out their days as castaways on earth. Most archaeologists, however, believe that the Dropa Stones are just a legend due to the fact that no one knows where the disks are today.
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