Ancient Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists Today

Paracas Candelabra

Called the ‘Candelabra of the Andes’, the Paracas Candelabra is a 600-feet tall prehistoric geoglyph found in Peru on the face of the Paracas Peninsula. Etched up to two feet into the hard-packed sand, the strange design resembles a candelabra, but archaeologists don’t believe that it is a depiction of one.

Instead, they believe the three-pronged design may be a nod to the trident held by Viracocha, the Incan creator god. Or, as others believe, it could signify the hallucinogenic Jimson weed, which was used in religious rituals. Researchers have been able to date the shards of pottery and other artifacts found near the geoglyph to around 200 BCE so they believe the geoglyph is also about that old.
  • The Most Haunted Island In The World

    Poveglia in Italy is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the world. The government has deemed it so strange it is illegal to go onto this Italian island and it sits empty, forgotten by the world. A small island between Lido and Venice it is part of the Venetian lagoon in...

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  • The Man Who Just Simply Kept Walking Out Of Prison

    A Texas prisoner by the name of Steven Jay Russell, in 1998, was given a very special parole due to health issues. He was allowed to go and rest in a hospice due to his medical records: he was suffering from HIV/AIDS and it was thought he would not survive much longer at all. And...

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  • During Medieval England Woman Dominated The Brewing Industry

    During the 18th century if you happened to travel around England, then you will have come across an Alewife, there were several notorious ones such as Mother Louse. In fact, during this era, woman dominated the whole of the brewing industry. Also known as a Brewer or a Brewster, this historical term Alewife was used...

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  • Is It Opposite Day Or Do I Have Situs Inversus

    If you happen to suffer from Situs Inversus then you may believe you are constantly looking in a mirror or that opposite day is actually a real and true reality. But that would of course not be true, your organs are simply placed in a mirror image of what is the norm. An extremely rare...

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  • Prehistoric Armadillo The Size Of A Car

    When it comes to prehistoric times it really is as if every animal was bigger than its modern counterpart. Mammoths were bigger than elephants and sloths were even taller than elephants! Some researchers have even found alligators and crocodiles that grew to the size of a city bus. And this holds true for the armadillo...

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