An Enormous Statue Of Jesus In Poland Provides WiFi

Samuel Reason | June 2nd, 2019

A huge statue of Jesus rises over 108 feet in the air, the tallest statue of Jesus is located in Poland. Known as Christ The King, it towers over the residents of Swiebodzin in Poland since 2010 and now it has been receiving some modern updates. Traditionally a statue of Jesus would be an immense representation of Christian faith.

However, now it appears that Jesus is being upgraded to Jesus 2.0 with signal broadcasting equipment being embedded into the statue’s crown. The thing is that no one really seems to know what this upgrade is for. The statue is the result of a now-deceased local priest called Sylwester Zawadzki, the project was actually crowdfunded with over $1.45 million in donations from residents of the town and elsewhere.

According to a local Polish news outlet called Fakt 24, there have been quite a few local scandals and controversies that have come to light since it was constructed. And the latest arguments seem to be around the signal broadcasting equipment being added. It appears that some people do not think a sacred statue of Jesus should have anything to do with providing WiFi to the area. Some priests have even thrown up their hands saying it is profane.

The equipment is set up on the statue as it is a prime spot to be able to provide a strong internet signal to the whole local region. But the real mystery is that the Church overlooking the statue: the Divine Mercy Parish appears to not know anything about the antennas. They have advised that Jesus’s head is not available for rent and that they knew nothing of any broadcasting equipment being installed.

Which begs the question on what sort of mysterious signals could be being broadcasted. But a message from a local internet provider in the Swiebodzin region advised the antennas were indeed a request by the parish. Maybe a way to provide internet to everyone sponsored by the church. Though apparently, the church required the antennas for a video surveillance system.

Is this some sort of big brother statue spying on the whole region, or is it a divine wireless system for all to use. It looks like we will never really know.

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