Alaska Land Of The Freak Vegetables

Samuel Reason | October 30th, 2018

When it comes to vegetables, Alaska has the biggest you will ever have seen: a 138-pound cabbage or a 35-pound broccoli are just some of the freakishly sized vegetables that have popped up in Alaska. Not to mention a 65-pound cantaloupe. And nowhere is better to see these giant monster vegetables than the Alaska State Fair, which some of the natives just refer to as the freak show.

Alaska is known to being home to specimens that set up Guinness World Records when it comes to vegetable sizes. And it is just down to Alaska’s summer sun that gives the growers an advantage over any other location. When it comes to summer Alaska is able to bask in about 20 hours of sunshine per day. This leads to their crops receiving a photosynthesis bonus which lets them grow bigger as they produce more material. The vegetable that benefits the most because of this is usually the cabbage.

Another side effect of this long sunshine is that vegetables in Alaska generally taste sweeter, many people will eat carrots or courgettes and believe there has been sugar added into the dish. And the massive vegetables you see in the state fairs, they are planned out, it is not a fluke.

When it comes to growing giants, you need to start off with the correct type of seeds because if you do not have the right genetic material then you will never achieve your goal. It took Scott Robb who is one of the well known giant vegetable growers over 20 years before he broke the cabbage record in 2012.

Another danger is hungry mooses in Alaska that may come and eat up your prize vegetables before they are ready for the state fair, some growers have implemented elaborate protection setups that include electric fences.

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