A Song That Will Reduce Your Stress By Over 65%

Samuel Reason | May 28th, 2019

There is a song that neuroscience has dubbed the clear winner when it comes to reducing stress. It stirs your soul and calms your nervous system all in one go. We know that in the modern world everyone needs a little help to manage their stress, and when things get difficult at work or school when we start to try using every tip to reduce our anxiety.


And of course, every guru has their own trips, tricks, and techniques to let you know how it can be done the best. There is a science-backed plan though, and that is to make a playlist of songs that have been proven to reduce your stress. Sound therapies have long told the world that the way to relax and restore one’s health is done by listening to a melanic tune.

Without a doubt sound and music is ingrained in human culture, we have for centuries seen it as a way to improve our health conditions and have fun. But not until today have neuroscientists actually studied which songs produce the best results, and well there is really only one clear winner. And that is the song titled Weightless by Macaroni Union.

The study was done by researching participants while they attempted to solve puzzles as quickly as possible, all while being connected to sensors. The puzzles were made to create certain levels of stress with the participants. This allowed the researchers to measure brain activity and also things such as heart rate, blood pressure or breathing. Giving the researchers an overall view of participants level of stress and how more relaxed they became listening to certain songs.

Weightless by Macaroni Union was the overall winner, the Mindlab International who conducted the research, discovered that the song Weightless gave a reduction of 65 percent to a participant’s overall anxiety. And a 35 percent reduction to their usual physiological resting states.

And you know what the really cool thing is? The song was actually made to do just that! The group, Macaroni Union, created the song in collaboration with sound therapists as a way to reduce stress.

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