A North American Casino Was Hacked Via A Smart Fish Tank

Samuel Reason | October 21st, 2018

When it comes to browsing the internet most people are now aware of phishing scams where hackers try to fake popular websites and get you to give them your personal details. One casino in North American found out about an entirely different type of hack, one that had to do with actual fish. One of their fish tanks was connected to the internet to provide it with certain smart home features, and this was the point a hacker group tried to exploit.


Even with extra security features being implemented on the smart fish tank, it was still compromised. Hackers were able to use this fish tank to send hundreds of data back to a device in Finland before the threat was even discovered.

First, they entered the fish tank’s network and from there they were able to scan and locate even more vulnerabilities in the casino’s security. An important reminder that any device connected to the internet is a possible security risk for any sort of business. But we just can’t stop laughing at how ironic it is the hackers were able to set up a phishing hack using actual fish!

With more and more smart gadgets entering our homes, the number of ways a hacker with malicious intentions can enter our network and take advantage of these insecurities continues to grow and grow! This fish tank was connected to the internet just to ensure the fish were being fed automatically and make the life for the casino’s staff easier, but this benefit of modern technology became the weakest part of the casino’s security.

The casino has remained unnamed, but the security firm that located the hack called Darktrace has advised that this rogue fish tank is only the tip of the iceberg. Apparently, they have already been able to locate and fix over nine hacks in corporate environments that all came from a weakest in a smart device.

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