A Huge Lake Hiding Under The Surface Of Mars

Samuel Reason | July 25th, 2018

Life on Mars, does it exist or not? That is the million dollar question, and the Red Planet may actually be filled to the brim with water. In fact, a mile under the surface many scientists believe there is a 12-mile lake hiding at the south pole of Mars.


Previously scientist has tried providing evidence for a big splash on Mars, but it has all looked quite weak until now. The new findings are definitely raising eyebrows, some have even mentioned that a mission to Mars may require a scuba kit.

“It’s always exciting when you talk about liquid water on Mars,” Ashwin Vasavada, NASA scientist.

Until now really scientists and astronomers only had evidence that water did exist at some point on Mars, but nothing to show in present-day. These sorts of discoveries if proved to be hundred percent certain become very exciting because the existence of water implies there could be a life form.

This does seem relatively long off though, unfortunately for any confirmation to be made under percent certain, this will require a mission. And missions to Mars take many years of planning and billions of dollars worth of funding. In fact, the mission required to check for this lake would require a completely new design. Meaning it could be decades before any launch is made.

The new research has been using data gathered by Mars Express, a European spacecraft that has been orbiting Mars for years, since 2003. It is able to use a radar that scans the planet’s ionosphere and interior structure. This data has been broken down and studied, providing the conclusion that it is very much possible that under Mars’s polar caps some sections will be melting periodically. This happens on Earth so why not on Mars?

And therefore, the existence of a hidden lake deep in the planet’s crust is a real possibility.

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