A Huge 12 Million Iceberg Heading At A Greenland Village

Samuel Reason | July 24th, 2018

In western Greenland, a small village has been completely evacuated in response to a 12 million ton iceberg heading at the coast. The giant iceberg has just parked itself right by, meaning the threat of a tsunami and flooding is a real possibility.


First seen on the 12th July, the iceberg has now taken up residence just north of the small town of Innarsuit, as per the New York Times. Estimates put the iceberg in the region of being 670 feet wide and about 330 feet above sea level. There is satellite data available also that suggests it will weight over 12 million tons

The berg is now completely covering the horizon views of Innarsuit, a town home to 169 people. It definitely is quite an impressive sight, but we have to remember the dangers it can cause. Should the iceberg start to fall apart and disintegrate, then huge chunks of ice falling into the bay could potentially cause powerful waves to go over the town. The flooding could be extremely dangerous, maybe even submerging the town itself. Most of the houses close to the coast and water have been completely evacuated and fishing boats have already been moved inland.

Residents are hoping that the rising tides and winds will push the berg to a safer distance away from the coast.

A whole team has been set up to monitor the iceberg and local officials are assessing the danger to residents every day, further evacuations may be necessary if the berg does not move a sufficient distance from the coast.

Iceberg visits to Innarsuit are nothing new, but generally, they are not this large, the village noted it had not seen one this large for several decades. The fear is there are many cracks and holes in it already, so it may start to break up at any moment. The fate of the village now lies in the hands of mother nature, if the weather warms up and warm rains fall, then the berg may immediately break up and flood the whole town.

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