A Catchphrase Worth $400 Million

Samuel Reason | September 25th, 2018

One famous catchphrase from the world of boxing has eclipsed any other phrase. Most likely at some point in time you have heard it being announced before a sporting event or even in a video game. We are of course talking about the famous “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!”


Trademarked by in this well-known phrase is now worth over $400 million, it really is down to how Hollywood producers all flocked behind this mythic sentence. First spoken by Michael Buffer, this announcement has made him the one and true king of announcing boxing matches. In fact, when it comes to a boxing scene in any movie, most viewers have now become accustomed to hearing Michael Buffer say his trademarked phrase: “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!”

Buffer has now been cast in over 20 movies and television shows, you can find him announcing in Rocky or even in South Park. It has come to such a point that if directors want their movie to seem authentic then they have to get Buffer’s announcing the entrance to the boxing ring.

The natural charisma and booming voice that Buffer brings to the table to ensure that any boxing scene becomes an instant classic and fan favorite. And Buffer was quick to trademark his phrase, generating over $400 million by selling the rights to movies, video games, and even merchandise. Of course, you can also add in personal appearances to various sporting events. He even makes more money now just from the trademark, without even having to work as an announcer.

Buffer had quite a scare when he was diagnosed with throat cancer, a serious problem for the industry he is working in: sports announcer. Throat cancer surgeries can sometimes result in the loss of speech, luckily, doctors were able to treat it with a non-invasive surgery and Buffer is still traveling the world today bringing his booming voice to sporting events around the globe.

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