The 20 Most Important Events in Human History

Chinese Communist Revolution

China has been one of the great cultures of the world for almost all of recorded human history. The dynasties and empires it encompassed could fill this list many times over. But in the middle of the 20th Century, something truly extraordinary took place. The country was swallowed up in the furor of revolution, eventually leading to the establishing of a Communist state.

Of course, China had seen a revolution a few decades earlier. At the beginning of the century, China – weakened by wars with Britain and threatened by Japan – saw a civil war. While the KMT part tried to instill rule in the country, men such as Mao Zedong led the Communist party against them. While they fought hard, they briefly allied to battle against the Japanese during the Second World War. But by 1949, Mao and his people won and founded the People’s Republic of China. The traditional Chinese emperors – who had ruled for millennia – were gone.

In the current day, the People’s Republic is the most populous state to have ever existed. Almost one and a half billion people life under the exact same regime that Mao founded. The communist revolution in the China was one of the biggest ideological paradigm shifts in human history.
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