The 20 Most Important Events in Human History

The Fall of the Roman Empire

The fall of the Roman Empire was incredibly important but, unlike many entries on this list, it’s hard to condense the decline of one of the world’s greatest ever civilizations into a single, defining event. The ruin of the Roman Empire has been argued about for centuries, pretty much since the Empire collapsed.

Heck, many scholars can’t even agree on a century in which to peg the decline. Was it when Rome was sacked? Was it the fall of the Byzantine Empire? Did the church take over as a de facto empire in its place, replacing almost all of its functionality in the far-flung corners of the world?

There are simply too many arguments to go over in this short space. Needless to say, the sheer scale of debate surrounding the collapse of the Roman empire illustrates the difficult nature of studying history. There are a thousand questions and ten times as many answers. But the fact that we’re still arguing, still reasoning, and still debating centuries later just goes to show the importance of the fall of the Roman Empire.
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