The 20 Most Important Events in Human History

The Reformation

Martin Luther hammering his demands to the door of the Wittenberg All Saints Church is commonly cited as the spark which lit the fire of the reformation. For centuries, the Catholic Church had been the foremost broker of power in the Christian world. All the churches belonged to them, their doctrine dictated how almost every person in Europe practiced religion. Afterwards, wars would be fought and people burned at the stake over the differences in these ideologies.

As a professor of morals and ethics at the local university, Luther had grown sick of what he saw as the hypocrisy and the non-religiousness of the Catholic Church. He demanded change – bibles printed in plain language, a removal of gold decorations from churches, mass to be conducted in local dialects – and printed up his arguments on a sheet of paper. He hammered this to the door of the church on a holy day and, through sheer force of will, changed the course of Christianity forever.
  • Only One Person Has Ever Been Cured Of HIV

    Timothy Ray Brown known as the Berlin patient is the only known person to have been cured. The problem is no doctors actually know what part of the treatment cured him. In 2007 this was a real disappointment when doctors finally cured HIV but had no idea how they did it. And it took them...

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  • The Rock of Guatape

    In the Colombian department of Antioquia lodged between the towns of Guatape and El Penol you will find an enormous boulder known as The Rock Of Guatape. Or if you are from Penol, then you may refer to it as the Rock of Penol - just depends on which town you are from. [caption id="attachment_7956"...

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  • Pig Farmers Say Marijuana Pig Feed Is Better

    Some farmers have a very interesting take on the progression of growing cannabis and the growing legalization of marijuana around the United States. Many believe it is the perfect crop to be commercialized and used in their animal feed - too keep them happy and relaxed! And well if you...

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  • Telegraph Invented Due To Heartbreak

    The inventor of the telegraph Samuel Morse had quite a tough life that was filled with numerous disappointments and this may really have been one of the reasons he ended up inventing the telegraph. Samuel Morse was born 225 years ago and is known around the world for having invented...

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  • Colorful Honey Created Naturally By Candy Eating Bees

    A couple of beekeepers in northeastern France were left scratching their heads in confusion when their bees started to produce thick blue and green honey completely naturally. The bees from their hives were found producing honey in odd shades of blue and green - something that was completely unheard of and never seen before. [caption...

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